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SEUL: Web site(s) (was Re: Byte GUI summary and comments)

> There is no reason not to have more than one web site.  Insistence on
> the "official" site is typical of heirarchical, authoritarian corporate
> thinking.
I agree.  When Juhana and I decided to work together, it was simply because of 
the inefficiencies involved in creating two sites that initially would have 
basically been mirrors of each other (+/-).  The concept of the "official" 
site is nothing new, take a look at most projects out there.  And most 
projects have a plethora of other sites to supplement the official one, since 
the official one typically doesn't have everything.  (of course, my goal is to 
make sure this one *does*... :)

I would like to see many more sites for SEUL (specifically sites with people's 
opinions/views on various SEUL-related topics), and they will all be linked to 
from the main site.

> The Web links thing together. Take advantage of it.  We could have one site
> for each person (silly), one site for each project grouping (my
> recommendation), or just one central massive site with the resulting
> maintenance headache for Juhana and/or Eric.
I'm still thinking about this and haven't bounced it off cl@txcc.net or Juhana 
yet, but I think I can find a way to make it easy for all the sub-groups to 
maintain their own pages within the "official" site.  This will also help 
maintain/enforce some kind of design consistency.  I believe this is necessary 
because we are creating a suite of packages that are intended to work together 
seamlessly and are targetted at typical home users.  If the packages work 
seamlessly together, the web pages should as well.  If a prospective user 
looks at the site and sees 100 different web page designs for as many 
packages, they'll start wondering if the project is really working together.

Since we are trying to create something that average consumers will be using, 
we need to pay attention to how they think.  Anyone out there with marketing 
experience want to start the "Marketing" sub-group?

> Better to decentralize.  The site will be more responsive, manageable, and
> accesible to the project teams that will use it.
Exactly.  I would propose that every sub-project maintain their own section of 
the web site.  Either the project leader or someone "delegated" to the task 
would be able to check out and modify the pages from the main server.  This is 
partly in self-defense, since there's no way I can keep up with the volume of 
mail and data that I expect to see in the near future.  Besides, I have a job 
and will have school again starting this fall...


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