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Re: SEUL: Byte GUI summary and comments

> This has the added benefit of allowing a user to have their setup (and mail, 
> etc) follow them to any computer they log in from.
This would be great in a corporate environment.  Simplifies the job of both IS 
and Occupancy Services... ;-)

Seriously, SEUL should *eventually* (read: post 1.0) be able to tightly 
integrate itself into a large network, served by Linnet systems/clusters.  
This also gives us the added bonus of being able to create a really cheap 
system consisting of: $50 MB, $75 proc, $50 16MB, $25 NIC, $50 SVGA, and 
pick-a-size monitor.  The ultimate NC, costing $250+monitor, a large company 
could run such things very cheaply, maintain them remotely (NFS-root), and 
even use their legacy Unix systems as servers if they have to (NFS + whatever 
software necessary, already in source form).

The existing system (dozens of NT servers for 100's of 95 clients) just 
doesn't cut it in today's competitive IS market (IS's everywhere are becoming 
*for* *profit* cost centers).  The cost of maintainence is extremely high, not 
to mention the hardware.  If we can provide a complete solution (Linnet and 
SEUL) that can be maintained with less staff, built for less money, etc., we 
can bite into Micro$oft's main market (even over home users: IS calls tech 
support too, you know..., and the site licenses aren't cheap either).

Just something to think about for the future...


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