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SEUL: We are going nowhere

I subscribed to this list the day after I received the announce about

Traffic had been gradually dwindling until Greg Page tried to form a
committee.  That seemed put things in motion (just mention the high
volume of traffic during these days).  Now he disbands it.

Successful projects like LINUX and PNG have one thing in common: they
had an undisputable leader who was able to take the decisions and took
the decisions with only the good of the project in mind.  But the
natural way such leaders are elected is when one person makes an
achievement big enough to force respect like writing a complete OS in
a few months.

Unfortunately we don't have a such person so we have to revert to a
committee.  No progress will be done if SEUL remains an unorganized
mob where nobody tells where we go.

The preceding one had the drawback of being somewhat self appointed
and Greg made the psychological mistake of ignoring the founder of the

I propose we try to form another one.  Between five to ten persons not
more.  If candidates are too numerous we could be forced to break ties
with elections.  Because I do not want to be suspected of wanting to
form a committee for the sake of being in it I have decided to NOT be

Qualities required:

1) A good knowledge of the present distributions.  Ignoring what is
available is a short path for trying to reinvent the wheel or for
choosing the wrong distribution to base SEUL unto.

2) Having a complete vision of what SEUL must be.  SEUL must not be
RedHat or Debian with a different installation.  RedHat or LST/Caldera
have installations nearly good enough for SEUL: for a beginner the
problems begin later when he tries to LIVE with his distribution.  And
here all distributions fall short.

3) Knowledge of the application software available: you have played
with a lot of programs.  It will help when we will have to decide what
is to be included in the distribution.

4) Being a good programmer does no harm.  It will give you authority
if you have to coordinate a team of programmers.  Consider however
than the install part is the one who will require programming, other
parts of SEUL will require very little of it.

5) You don't fear work. You will have plenty of it.  Plenty of mails
to answer, plenty of things to test.

6) Openness of mind.  You are able to hold to your ideas but you know
when you are wrong and you are able to recognize it.  In public if

7) Honesty.  Be candidate if you really think you can be useful for
SEUL and Linux.  And if you are ready to resign if you meet someone
who seems better fit for the job.

The relative weight of these qualities varies according to the part of
SEUL you want to be in charge (installation, choice of app software,
marketing).  Now if you think than you can be useful to SEUL then be

			Jean Francois Martinez

==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================

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