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SEUL: Window manager reconfig

You wrote:
> Hmm... what about extending this so that installing a software package would
> add the necessary entries into the window managers' menus? A menu editor with
> a nice GUI could also be included. (Hmm... maybe I'll take that as a
> project...)

I just sent mail to the enlightment project leader and list about that one.  
Basically, enlightenment uses config files that are parsed at boot.  They 
define almost all the user interactions, and can be replaced as a whole in 
"themes".  There's the default theme, the Afterstep theme, etc.

My first suggestion was to add SYSV init-style parsing, so the config file(s) 
could include *directories*, which would then be 'source'd in alpha order.  
Identical in concept to the way RedHat uses the SysV-init package.

The second suggestion was to find some way to re-read the config on-the-fly.  
This would involve re-reading part of, probably all of, the config files.  
This one is quite a bit messier to do...

I'll keep tabs on the list and see what the concensus is in that group as to 
the feasibility/desirability of such features and report back when there's 
some kind of decision....


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