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Re: SEUL: Partitioning

The idea of putting Linux in a loopback partition has a potential
attractive property for some of the less adventurous computer users.

Consider a user who is unfamiliar with Linux is leary of it but would
still like to try it.  Now the user puts the SEUL diskette in the
drive and reboots or type A:install or something like that.  The user
answers some questions and Linux installs.  The user is invited to test
drive some applications.  Before an hour is up the user is undecided
whether to keep Linux.  The user sees how the next installation will be
so easy, that erasing Linux, is hardly an issue.  Since it is all in the 
one dos file it is a simple matter to eliminate it.

It may sounds nuts to say that easy removal of Linux is a attractive
feature of SEUL.  But the thought of trying to clean up your disk
drive after things go bad is a real barrier.

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