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Re: SEUL: Monthley update from the maintainer.

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Randy Heineke wrote:
> What is needed is a user interface.  I still don't see the user
> focus.  I don't know of any good user interface that wasn't the result of
> numerous iterations of test and refinement.  Maybe it is there and I
> don't see it.  It may help if you can address my concern. Other people
> may have the same concern. It could lead to their reluctance to
> volunteering if they do not understand how anything can be accomplished.
> Regards,

This would be a joint effort of the development group, software group, 
and distrabution group. But if the need arose for a group to handle it we 
can set one up. I realy think we need to focus at elast at this point in 
getting the base togeather. That is realy the starting point we can build 
from there.

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