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Re: SEUL: Partitioning

> I never did read this Times article; is it available on the internet
> anywhere?
Er, um, uh, I *think* you can get to it through the SSC linux news page, 
accessible through the linux.org main page.  (gotta love associative memory... 

> I meant the loopback idea as an alternative install method rather than a
> trial per se, but I agree that a crippled "trial" system would be a waste of
> time - at least until _after_ SEUL v2.0 or thereabouts.

> What's happening with linnet? Could someone on that list post a summary of
> progress reached there?
Wellll...  I posted a "list dead?" message last night and haven't gotten any 
replies or gotten the message back from the list.  OK, I just got a message, 
but it sure wasn't mine...  I'll chase those people down and try to get them 

> If we can write it for free, stick it in.
> If not, put pointers in big letters everywhere saying where + how to get
> commercial stuff.
As far as the user getting the commerical stuff, I say stick with existing 
delivery methods, i.e. CompUSA, Egghead, etc.  Retail software is what is 
going to make this project, not the base distrib.  Hate to say it, but it's 
true.  This project, as important as it is, is a catalyst, not a be-all 

> YAIP: don't forget WINE.
Oh, almost forgot... ;-)  WINE/WABI will allow us to run "legacy" apps (as we 
should take to calling them) under SEUL.  WINE is great, WABI is better, 
neither supports Win32 properly yet.  That's a big drawback.  The GNU 
windows-api-32 stuff is a step in the right direction, but without some major 
support the WINE project is going to get stuck without support for Win95 apps.

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