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SEUL: Re: Trial or no trial

Certain arguments against trial mode were stated that may need to be
sharpened up before I could support them.  

1. The trial install may be so aggravating that the user abandons 

   If this is true and trial install looks like the real install then
   SEUL should be improved. 

2. The resources required will dillute efforts on more critical work.

   It seems that we will need something like trial install to do testing
   on a broad spectrum of users.  Several iterations of testing will be
   required before a product is shippable.  The earlier the testing, the
   less the requirment for resources to refine SEUL.

3. It doesn't support the orginal operating system model.  Someday if
   Linux has created an enormous demand, you may see Circuit City
   throwing in a SEUL CD with a new purcahse.  First we are going to
   have to win over a substatial number conversions, just to get enough
   name recognition.  Then if the SEUL CD is really, really good people
   may start asking why there is windows.


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