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Re: SEUL: Re: Trial or no trial

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Randy Heineke wrote:

> 2. The resources required will dillute efforts on more critical work.
>    It seems that we will need something like trial install to do testing
>    on a broad spectrum of users.  Several iterations of testing will be
>    required before a product is shippable.  The earlier the testing, the
>    less the requirment for resources to refine SEUL.

Trial install shouldn't appear until full install is fully functional and
looking good, _and_ is so secure you can build your house on it.

> 3. It doesn't support the orginal operating system model.  Someday if
>    Linux has created an enormous demand, you may see Circuit City
>    throwing in a SEUL CD with a new purcahse.  First we are going to
>    have to win over a substatial number conversions, just to get enough
>    name recognition.  Then if the SEUL CD is really, really good people
>    may start asking why there is windows.

That would be the day...

Thomas Molesworth            (thomas@bass.almac.co.uk)

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