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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

Erik Walthinsen (omega) wrote:

> There's a project, called Linnet, started almost exactly the same time as
> SEUL.  Its goal is to create a distribution for Linux servers.  I am on
> both lists, and both lists are having almost the exact same discussions on
> configuration mechanisms, end goals, etc.
> Instead of expending the effort to repeat myself, I'll just quote myself:
> :-)
> > What I think would be quite useful would be to connect Linnet and SEUL
> > (as well as everything else) such that a Linnet system would have a
> > module for maintainence of SEUL boxen.  That way the system
> > administrator can get the SEUL and Linnet distributions, install a
> > Linnet server, dump the SEUL CD on it, bootstrap all 25 user PC's with a
> > floppy, click, click, click, <ENTER>.  All 25 machines are now
> > installing everything that's needed for SEUL, plus apps, all off the
> > Linnet server.  The admin program that comes with Linnet would allow the
> > admin to troubleshoot and maintain SEUL boxes remotely (unlike Windoze
> > 95...).

I like it!  :-)

I wasn't aware of Linnet.  In that case, forget all servers in SEUL.  If
they want servers, they'll get Linnet!

The possible exception would be an RDBMS server.  But we need to plan it
carefully - how would it benefit the end user to have a client/server
database on his system?  I think it could be nice in workgroups, but
possibly overkill.

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