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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, Erik Walthinsen (omega) wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, Micah Yoder wrote:
> > OK, I can agree with that.  That's probably a good reasons for us to at
> > least *try* to include the servers in this distribution, including
> > simple setup procedures.  I believe it's a natural extension of setting
> > up Linux for the end user.  (They certainly wouldn't be installed by
> > default....I'm just saying let's give them an easy way to do it.)
> OK, I just posted the exact counterpart to this message to another list,
> so bear with me...
> There's a project, called Linnet, started almost exactly the same time as
> SEUL.  Its goal is to create a distribution for Linux servers.  I am on
> both lists, and both lists are having almost the exact same discussions on
> configuration mechanisms, end goals, etc.
> Instead of expending the effort to repeat myself, I'll just quote myself:
> :-)
> > What I think would be quite useful would be to connect Linnet and SEUL
> > (as well as everything else) such that a Linnet system would have a
> > module for maintainence of SEUL boxen.  That way the system
> > administrator can get the SEUL and Linnet distributions, install a
> > Linnet server, dump the SEUL CD on it, bootstrap all 25 user PC's with a
> > floppy, click, click, click, <ENTER>.  All 25 machines are now 
> > installing everything that's needed for SEUL, plus apps, all off the
> > Linnet server.  The admin program that comes with Linnet would allow the
> > admin to troubleshoot and maintain SEUL boxes remotely (unlike Windoze
> > 95...).
> This means that SEUL and Linnet need to start talking and likely develop
> a configuration standard and tools that are the same for both projects
> (and others).  Then the development of an admin tool for the Linnet box
> and a remote-admin tool for the SEUL boxes would complete the mix and
> you'd have a complete suite of applications for the entire corporate
> environment.
> Comments?

That is a good idea can you get me that list admins E-mail address. ill 
drop him a line..

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