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SEUL: Installation steps

After giving some thought to what actually needs to be done when
installing Linux on an IBM (sorry don't have a MAC) I have come up with
the following steps to do an installation.

1) Scan BIOS area for data needed during the install (ie memory size,
math coprocessor, type of video, # of serial ports, printer, etc.)

2) A minimule linux should be loaded onto a ram disk (the kernel should
have modules enabled).//Example Slackware install//

3)Fdisk - setup a linux partition (if enough memory is available skip
installing a swap disk?)

4)Add needed drivers

5)install kernel & modules (install lilo???)

6) make a boot disk

7) personnelize linux (i.e. fonts, colors, etc., etc.)

8) all done reboot to linux

any thoughts about this???


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