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SEUL: available software


At the moment I have the impression that a lot of people in this list try to
reinvent the wheel rather than searching for existing cars. We discuss
everything from scratch and want to define all the details of SEUL right now.
But we are not the first who want to make Linux more user friendly, there are
already some solutions for problems discussed in this list available, and
without knowing what is already available, what can be used without any
further work, and perhaps with a better concept than we could think about, we
will waste a lot of time. 

I think we shoul compile a list of tools that are already available and 
that could be included in SEUL or that could give some inspiration. This 
list could show us where we will have to work, and we could concentrate 
our forces on the necessary.

I want to point to some projects on the net that might be useable.
Unfortunately don't I have access to any linux box to test these things right
now, and so I don't know much about the usability of these tools. 

- linuxconf
  This tool can be found at http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/linuxconf/, and I think 
  it already incorporates a lot of the administration stuff discussed in this 
  mailing list.

- SuSE-distribution.
  This distribution is well known in Germany, and the original version was 
  in german, but there is also an english version. I installed it about one 
  year ago, and I found it quite easy. IMHO, it's one of the easiest 
  distributions to set up. The Website is http://www.suse.com/ or 

- There is (or was) a mailing list discussing and developing a configuration 
  tool, but the traffic on this list stopped, according to the archives, 
  about one year ago. I will post to this group and ask if they had any 
  results. Anyone who wants to check out himself: 

Perhaps you can have at those and post your comments.


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