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RE: SEUL: Distributions

> At least Slackware, RedHat and Debian (not sure) can be installed by NFS,

Debian can surely be installed via NFS, I do that frequently.

> which I had to type when I installed my RH. I haven't used Debian, so I can't
> say anything about it, but if it supports FTP install it probably has the same
> problem. And the problem also exists with NFS installation.

Actually, Debian tries to guess the path on the NFS server. If you
hide the Debian distribution files under many braches you
will, of course, have to tell it where you put it.

It does support FTP install and upgrade of the whole distribution or just
some packages. It may even tell you (I hear) which packages have new
versions by doing an FTP connection. I never tried this and I don't know
if the FTP-mode, or even the NFS is relevant to the End User. 

This depends on what the participants on the SEUL list understand by `The
End User' or the `Simple End User'. I still have no clue on this ;-). 


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