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RE: SEUL: Distributions

On 13-Jun-97 Greg Bell wrote:
>Speaking of distributions while attempting to download the debian
>install disks today (yesterday, whenever) an idea occured to me.  Seeing
>as one of the goals of SEUL is to establish network connectivity why not
>have the system be setup by NFS??  This way we wouldn't have to worry

At least Slackware, RedHat and Debian (not sure) can be installed by NFS,
but it's a problem to find a server. Besides, RedHat's FTP install is
faster. IMHO FTP would be a better choice if we provide a means to find the
appropriate directories without having to memorize/write down and type 
paths. Like 
which I had to type when I installed my RH. I haven't used Debian, so I can't
say anything about it, but if it supports FTP install it probably has the same
problem. And the problem also exists with NFS installation.

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