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SEUL: Distributions

Speaking of distributions while attempting to download the debian
install disks today (yesterday, whenever) an idea occured to me.  Seeing
as one of the goals of SEUL is to establish network connectivity why not
have the system be setup by NFS??  This way we wouldn't have to worry
about a lot of things for the frontend of SEUL mainly create a file
system, establish a internet connection (wether by ethernet or by modem)
point to the selected installation (Red Hat or Debian) and get the
needed packages.  Then using Alien decrypt them from rbm or deb and
install.  Seems a likely solution to the which distribution is best wars
that are happening (let's face facts most people stick with the
distribution that they were first introduced to linux).  In my trials to
install Debian I found that they had a 'base' system already set up
(haven't found it for RedHat, yet) which is a starting point to work


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