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Re: SEUL: Suel project/ Seul-project

I'm a subscription newwbie.  I haven't yet formed a robust mental model
of this majordomo thing.  I got the Suel/Seul message. It was adressed to
seul, so, I guess I must be on the seul list.  However, the message says
I'm on the suel list and need to switch to the seul list.

I don't know if I should try to switch.

Would it be possible to switch people enmasse, rather than ask them all
to switch themselves?  If that is unfeasible, let us know if it would
hurt to send those subscribe/unsubscribe messages even if for those who
are already on seul's list. 

Can you tell us how much longer people on the suel list have before the
email dries?

Another thing, does it matter if the initial M/m in M/majordomo is
uppercase or lowercase?  For some reason I thought it should be
lowercase, but the message gave it in uppercase.

I just don't want to miss any of the action.


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