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SEUL: What's so hard...

There have been a lot of solutions proposed to make installing Linux
easier.  Let's spend a few minutes looking at the problem:

What's so hard about installing Linux?  I installed Red Hat for the first
time a couple months ago, and I really don't remember it being terribly
complex at all.  Now, admittedly, I have better than three years
experience with Linux (Slackware)  and I am certainly a geek, but still,
it was pretty straightforward.  I had to designate a drive, fdisk it and
format it, put in a couple of parameters, then just watch a status bar and
listen to the driver churn.  Not much to it.  I guess having to select
from a jillion different packages was overwhelming, but that's really a
matter apart from installing the OS (ie You don't have that problem with
Win95 because with Win95 you get squat).

Now I'm not really trying to convince you that installing Linux is easy. 
As comfortable as I am with it, it stills seems riskier and more complex
than installing Win95.  But when you look at it objectively both installs
should be making about the same demand in terms of user expertise and
involvement.  My question, then, is what is it exactly about your average
Linux install procedure that makes it seem daunting?  What demands are
made of the users than are actually difficult?  What scary-sounding-but-
actually-innocuous questions do the installs ask that send people
screaming from the room?  What install steps are presented in a confusing
or illogical order?

In short, what's so hard about installing Linux?


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