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SEUL: RE: SEUL Distribution

Just thinking out loud here.  I really think that Greg Bell is on the
right track.  He downloaded a distribution and tried installing it and
documented his results. 

I would like to see this repeated several times before deciding on a

We should also try a few maintainence chores as well.  If SEUL
succeeds, maintainence is likely to leave the most lasting
impression on users.

To help make it impartial, maybe we should have a list of questions for
the installer/maintainer.

Now I don't want to fan the flames of a distribution war one second
longer than needed to make a good decision, but if we keep
the discussion going long enough we might be able to score a few free
CD's for evaluation purposes.

The few users I have talked to, that have had quick installs, used
Redhat.  Knock off CD's are cheap. It sounds like rpm has some
significant advantages.  Redhat is very popular for its ease of
installtion and maintainence.

Debian sounds appealing from the point of view that they may have the
freshest packaging and the best directory orginization.  Their dpkg
sounds as if it should be acceptable and potentially better.

I vote ambivalance.

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