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Re: SEUL: Installation steps

Michael Peck wrote:

> I'm not talking about kernel hackers and weekend Radio Shack warriors.
> I'm talking about people (like myself) who have a new Intel 10/100Mbps
> ethernet card and need an experimental driver just to use it. I'm
> talking about people (like myself) who need to add sixteen characters to
> one specific line in the ne.c driver to make it autodetect their Linksys
> PCI NE/2000 card. I'm talking about people who have hardware that
> doesn't work with a stock Linux distribution, but could otherwise work
> fine.

This brings out a point, what is SEUL begin designed for.  Excuse me for
ignorance but if a person has the NEW intel 10/100Mbps ethternet card
are they likely to be the same person that we are aiming at???  Nothing
personnel against the poster of this message but I think he is looking
at the SEUL project from a different perspective.  It sounds to me like
he already has a system up and functioning and when ahead and changed
the equipment on the system.  

To me this person is not the 'target' of SEUL

> The number of people who fit that description is staggeringly large. Too
> large to ignore. Linux doesn't sit on top of commercially-written device
> drivers; it's based on contributed efforts and a lot of guesswork with
> regard to hardware support.

This is true but the fact of the matter is that SEUL (at least at first)
is not aimed at this type of user

> I guess I'm confused as to the purpose of this project. Are we trying to
> slap a Win95 interface on Linux? "Same GUI, doesn't crash so much"? Or
> are we trying to independently develop an end-user system for *Linux*?
> If all we're trying to do is shoehorn Linux into a classic desktop OS,
> then I misunderstood from the announcement. Sorry.

What, at least in my viewpoint, we are attempting to do is not worry
about GUI's and we are not attempting to 'develop' a new system for
linux.  What we are trying to do is create a system whereby a person can
install a working version of linux with the minimum of trouble.  What
this means is that standards will have to be set concerning amoung other
things what type of interface should SEUL have, what programs to
install, a method of keeping track of various versions of software that
is installed, a simple networking setup that takes into account that not
everyone has a ethernet card (nor do they want one).


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