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Re: SEUL: available software

Jean Francois Martinez writes:
> 1) an end-user would never survive to dselect,...

Dselect is going to be replaced.  In any case, I have already suggested
that we replace it it our own tool.

> 2) it comes with raw X apps (sorry but for an end user I don't want X
> apps with black text on white backgrounds)

I don't understand what you are getting at here.  Do you think our users
will recoil in horror if not presented with purple text on a green
background?  The important thing is to get them going, not to choose an
optimal color scheme (personally, I prefer black on white).  This stuff is
all user configurable.

> 3) the installation needs answering dozens of questions.  That would
> confuse an end user.

We should provide our own install, of course.  Otherwise, what is the

My proposal: We write our own install.  We write our own front end for dpkg
(unless Diety turns out to be acceptable).  We write replacements for some
other Debian tools.  Beyond that, we make a point of remaining completely
compatible with Debian.  A seul distribution would consist of an install
floppy and a CDROM nearly identical to a Debian one.  A seul user should be
able to install or upgrade packages from a Debian CD or ftp site.  We
should provide a smooth migration path from "simple end user" to ordinary
Debian user.

> A serious problem is than Debian 1.2 made little use of modules so
> recompiling the kernel was nearly mandatory with Debian due to the slow
> kernel startup.

Why is this a "serious problem"?  This is just a feature of the default
kernel.  We can use a modular one while remaining compatible.

> Needing to recompile the kernel is a definite NO for a distribution aimed
> to end users.

Compiling the kernel is really quite easy, and it wouldn't be hard to make
it easier.

> That is the reason modules were created.

One of the reasons.

John Hasler
jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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