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Re: SEUL: available software

jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:
> I don't understand what you are getting at here.  Do you think our users
> will recoil in horror if not presented with purple text on a green
> background?  The important thing is to get them going, not to choose an
> optimal color scheme (personally, I prefer black on white).  This stuff is
> all user configurable.

Unless I miss my guess this is one of the things that SEUL is aiming at

> other Debian tools.  Beyond that, we make a point of remaining completely
> compatible with Debian.  

Why just debian, why not say RedHat or Slackware???  Seeing as all
distributions are basically the same (i.e. the same software is
provided) why limit ourselves to just Debian (which as I understand it
is, because of the way Debian is designed, just slightly out of date
[older software packages])?????

> > to end users.
> Compiling the kernel is really quite easy, and it wouldn't be hard to make
> it easier.

Until something goes wrong and you have nobody to ask questions. 
Remember that SEUL is looking at the neophyte who in all probability has
never done a compile in their whole life.  A somewhat scarry task until
you get your feet wet, so to speak.

> > That is the reason modules were created.
> One of the reasons.

Maybe it was one of the reasons for modules, but for our purposes it is
a major concideration.


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