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Re: SEUL: available software

On Jun 9, Greg Bell wrote
regarding "Re: SEUL: available software": 

> jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:
> > other Debian tools.  Beyond that, we make a point of remaining completely
> > compatible with Debian.  
> Why just debian, why not say RedHat or Slackware???  Seeing as all
> distributions are basically the same (i.e. the same software is
> provided) why limit ourselves to just Debian (which as I understand it
> is, because of the way Debian is designed, just slightly out of date
> [older software packages])?????

"just" debian? debian provides all necessary tools to neatly incorp-
orate other packages including rpm. as for actually basing seul-front-
ends on debian, the idea as i hold it is, as you mention, the design
of the latter, which makes it rather easier to add and/or replace
existing setup/config tools.

however, beginning development for debian in no way impairs "porting"
those tools created to, say, redhat's distribution setup or even suse.
there is nothing being thought of here as yet that is absolutely specific
to any distrib; let's just not start building a set of tools that don't
work together initially due to being based on different vendor's ideas.
let's start by basing any distrib-specific stuff on a common choice;
mine and, i gather, that of others here is debian.

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