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Re: SEUL: First Impressions

Jay Bloodworth writes:
> Debian 1.3 looks like a strong canidate.  I hope I will be able to
> install it on a machine at work sometime this week.

Please post a summary of your experience.

> The former implies to me that we are in a LAN/workgroup/intranet
> environment,

And therefore have skilled system administrators and funds for commercial
support.  No need for seul here.  Leave this to Linnet.

> ...the latter that we are sitting at home playing doom and surfing
> www.melrose-place.com.

I'm sitting at home.  I've never played doom, and I find the web to be a
bore.  Plenty of home machines get used for work, as well as doing the
taxes, composing correspondence, etc.  The users of these machines will
install seul, get used to Linux, and then take it to work.  Then they can
install linnet.

> But I think we should focus on a LAN evironment and deal early on with
> the issues that brings up: DHCP, remote file systems, fascist
> administrtors, etc.

I strongly disagree. These problems are entirely different than those faced
by one guy, alone in his office, trying to get Linux up.

> I would especially like to see SEUL and Linnet become to sides of the
> coin such that Linux was all any organization needed to run on their
> network.

With proper coordination, it should be possible to install seul, get the
machine up, and then upgrade to Linnet.

> He expects to be able to select wallpaper and screensavers, and to be
> able to make the computers say "T-t-t-t-t That's all folks" when he exits
> a program.  You get the idea.  While I'd like to see SEUL utterly
> embarass Windows95, the bulk of our efforts needs to be spent on making
> Linux/X do the things that gotten use to Win95 doing.

No.  The user you describe will just stick with Windows, as he should.
People who try Linux expect and want something different.

John Hasler
jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI
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