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Re: SEUL: First Impressions

On 9 Jun 1997 jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:

> Jay Bloodworth writes:
> > Debian 1.3 looks like a strong canidate.  I hope I will be able to
> > install it on a machine at work sometime this week.
> Please post a summary of your experience.


> > The former implies to me that we are in a LAN/workgroup/intranet
> > environment,
> And therefore have skilled system administrators and funds for commercial
> support.  No need for seul here.  Leave this to Linnet.

[stuff snipped]

> > But I think we should focus on a LAN evironment and deal early on with
> > the issues that brings up: DHCP, remote file systems, fascist
> > administrtors, etc.


> > I would especially like to see SEUL and Linnet become to sides of the
> > coin such that Linux was all any organization needed to run on their
> > network.
> With proper coordination, it should be possible to install seul, get the
> machine up, and then upgrade to Linnet.

Sigh.  The Linnet people don't want to support a workstation
configuration.  The SEUL people don't want to support a LANable
workstation configuration.  Do I have to create WorkgroupLinux so we can
have three projects grappling with essentially the same issues.
> > He expects to be able to select wallpaper and screensavers, and to be
> > able to make the computers say "T-t-t-t-t That's all folks" when he exits
> > a program.  You get the idea.  While I'd like to see SEUL utterly
> > embarass Windows95, the bulk of our efforts needs to be spent on making
> > Linux/X do the things that gotten use to Win95 doing.

The point is that you don't have to expose people to the full range of
configuration that is possible on a Linux system, but giving them nifty
dialogs to tinker with the kind of cosmetic changes you can make in other
OSes will go a long way towards making SEUL appealing to to a broader
range of people.


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