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Re: SEUL: First Impressions

Jay Bloodworth writes:
> The SEUL people don't want to support a LANable workstation
> configuration.

I think seul should be easily upgradeable to such a configuration.  I just
don't think it should be our first priority.

> The point is that you don't have to expose people to the full range of
> configuration that is possible on a Linux system,

The point is to get them up and running painlessly with a useful default
configuration, without closing off any possibilities (one of which is your
LANable workstation).

> ...but giving them nifty dialogs to tinker with the kind of cosmetic
> changes you can make in other OSes will go a long way towards making SEUL
> appealing to to a broader range of people.

They tinker with trivia on those other OS's because they are not allowed to
do anything real.  Let's not get so carried away with making Linux easy to
use that we take away any reason to use it.

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