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Re: SEUL: Installation steps

> Jeffrey S. Dutky wrote:
> > SEUL stands to Simple END USER Linux. End users will not want
> > to recompile the kernel just to install something. This is why
> > we would have modules enabled as part of the default install.
> Well, for a lot of things, the kernel simply has to be recompiled.  Why
> can't we make a nice program (actually, isn't there already one?) that
> knows most of the things that should be included, but allows the user to
> enable or disable something?  The program could then make an "emergency
> disk" to restore the system in the event of a messup.  Remember, we're
> talking about at least somewhat intelligent users here, not complete
> idiots.  They should be able to run a simple program to do this.
> What about sound cards - should the modules for all sound cards be
> installed?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like built in drivers
> would be more efficient.

Can't we just recompile the module, with the correct settings? That would
be much easier. Also for the other drivers: compile them (with some nice
frontend) "on demand", that is, if you really need the driver.

> Also, there's things like SCSI.  It wouldn't make much sense to put SCSI
> in a module, but not everyone will want it in their kernel.

Why not make two basic kernels: one with SCSI support and one without. If
you've got your root partition on a SCSI disk, use the SCSI-kernel, else
use the normal kernel and, if you've got some SCSI devices, load the modules?
Something else, talking about SCSI: is there scanner support somewhere
available? Quite a lot users have a scanner, and they sure want to be
able to use it!

Regards, Michel Wilson
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