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Re: SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

On 05-Jun-98 Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Talking about what users want is a pointless exercise until someone
> actually does something about it , like write a program (helping users
> configure their system) , package some software (help users find and
> install application software ) , write some documentation (help users
> _use their application software ), like, do something that will really
> help. (personally, I've done all 3 ... ) 
I'd say it's pointless to do something about "it" if you don't know what "it"
is...  It makes more sense to find out what's missing or needed (somehow) and
then doing something about "it".

In response to the rest of your post (snipped simply because I don't like long
quotes), SEUL has been working on the cores/layers specification trying to get
an idea of where it's going to start from instead of just taking some other
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