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Re: SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> I'm looking for a few volunteers who are familiar with survey
> techniques (or can learn). I'm very interested in coming up with a
> large survey that would figure out once and for all what end-users
> want in an OS. If it was

Talking about what users want is a pointless exercise until someone
actually does something about it , like write a program (helping users
configure their system) , package some software (help users find and
install application software ) , write some documentation (help users
_use their application software ), like, do something that will really
help. (personally, I've done all 3 ... ) 

I am not talking about this proposal in particular as much as I am
talking about SEUL in general. I just don't see any concrete evidence
that any real work is taking place, and am beginning to wonder whether
SEUL is a serious project or a social club. If any real work has been
done, it might be worth saying something about it . 

I was surprised that no-one responded when I posted that I had written
a modeline utility (as a non-programmer, I have written one useful
program, and as far as one can tell from the information publically
available, this has me one up on the collective might of the SEUL
developement team ... ) , something obviously related to the aims of
the project (providing a better setup routine). Even if it's not any
use to you, I find it sad that you guys don't seem vaguely interested
in something that represents " real work" , ie it can be downloaded,
from a URL that _really _exists , it _does something (something quite
useful IMO) -- that is, it's not vapour.

So far I don't see anything concrete about SEUL. Where can I download
it ? does it exist or is it vapour ? if it exists, where is the URL ?
What progress has been made in the last month ? in the last three
months ? etc. If such evidence exists, make it public. Post weekly or
monthly progress reports to the list, and put them on the website.  If
no such evidence exists, then I guess you're just a social club after

Anyway, I'm done trying to work out whether or not SEUL is actually
doing anything useful , I have some real work to do ... 

 -- Donovan Rebbechi
( definitely not speaking for anyone but myself on this occasion... )