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SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

I'm looking for a few volunteers who are familiar with survey techniques (or
can learn). I'm very interested in coming up with a large survey that would
figure out once and for all what end-users want in an OS. If it was
well-written, I could probably get several thousand people to fill it out in
the space of a week. That would be absolutely invaluable to the Linux
community at this stage.

I want perhaps four people to get together and work on it. I've identified
a couple of other people who might be useful, but I have not yet written a
clear description of each section of the survey -- that would be the first
task in the project.

Some URLs to look at:


a good example of survey/results format (though not our kind of survey):

The beginnings of a description of what I want are under the 'Market
Research' heading of http://www.seul.org/seg/

Please send me mail if this sounds interesting to you.