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Re: SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/project/Mar-1998/msg00036.html
> Please read it before continuing.

Ah-huh. In fact I re-read the thread to see it in context.

> flames (ahem), so we ignore it. We've done what every project should do --
> we've gone into a small group of people to keep getting actual work done,
> rather than sit here bickering (ahem).

I can give you downloadable evidence of my bickering , whether you
mean html, code , or packages. 

[ snipped : useful seul projects ]

I had heard of the help engine, though I hadn't seen it. Actually, I
just checked out the website, and I can see much more than last time I

[ snipped : something that looked pretty interesting ... ]

thanks for the info. Actually, I just checked out the site, and this
information is reasonably accessible (though it wasn't last time I

> You seem to have the opinion that unless an rpm of binaries to download
> is created, nothing has been done. And that's fine -- you should be
> working with Independence, where they're actually creating them.

yes, so I've heard. 

> Independence seems to be doing a good job at what it's trying to do.

why, thanks for the compliment ... (-: 

> If the core/layers specification works out, and our partnership with
> the FreeLinux project works out (they're building a linux distribution
> of their own), then a reference implementation of the core/layers spec
> will exist, and that aspect of seul's job will have been taken care
> of.
> If you'd like to become more informed about what we're doing in SEUL,
> please send me mail and let me know how you can help out.

Certainly. { email not posted to the list }