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Re: SEUL: Things I would like to ask

George Bonser wrote:
> Of all linux users.
> 1) Were you ever a CP/M, OS/2, or DOS user?
> 2) Were you a Windows or GUI OS/2 user?
> 3) How long did you use CP/M, OS/2, DOS?
> 4) Did you have exposure to Unix before trying Linux?
> 5) Was your exposure at work, school, or at home?
> 6) Do you use Unix exclusively or a mixture of operating systems?

1) yes, DOS
2) yes, MS Windows, Mac
3) 6 years
4) yes
5) school
6) a mixture, GNU/Linux + MS Windows '95

> My reasoning is this:
> I also presume that a great number of current Windows users are relatively
> new to computing.  A great number of people have become computer aware
> only in the last several years.  In the near future, many of these people
> will also reach a competency level where they will be ready to advance
> beyond the limitations of DOS/Win to provide their own services such as
> mail, news, and web serving.

This may be.  There will probably be quite a lot of people who are not
willing make this step I think.  There are still many early-days Mac
who still do the same thing with their machines as in the eighties.

> Multiple computer users in the household
> along with advances in networking such as xDSL and cable modems will allow
> them the bandwidth at reasonable cost to build in-home LANS and provide
> central household servers.

The connection to the outside world will probably stay pretty expesive
out of the US for quite a while.
> The current Microsoft model makes obtaining these services quite
> expensive. More of these people will be turning to Linux to provide
> multi-user services in the home and community.

That would be good.

> Thoughts?

Not always sane, but yes.

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