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Re: SEUL: Things I would like to ask

Sinclair ZX-81 (later the 1k was increased to 2k and it was
                sold as the Timex Sinclair 2000.)
TRS-80 (at school)
Vic-20 (paper route money)
Amiga 500 with 1 M total ram and no harddrive. Funny that it could
        do almost everything my win3.1 machine could do.
IBM Mainframe. (Good old bitnet.)
Sun Microsystem workstations at the University.
Laptop 386 8MB and 80MB disk. After a few weeks put Linux on it
           with about 30 floppies while sitting in front of a Sun.
Later other intel desktop computers.
While I was working at a grant project housed at a university I used
Linux and FreeBSD to run Wordperfect for X off the Suns on the
network and tried my best not to use MS installed in the other
offices. Now I only use MS at work. If I could just get
sz to work with my company's software they might use Linux.