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Re: SEUL: Where can I get it ?

> Is there a distribution of SEUL I can just download and install ?
> Where can I get it ?
> If "Independence" has a distribution already, perhaps I could taste that also.

Independence has just started: I still have no web server even if
someone proposed one to me.  For now the distrib is simply your RH5 CD
with the fixed RPMS issued by RedHat and some (still few) apps than I
have packaged and than in my sense are msiing from RH.

If you want I can add you to the list of peolpe who will be receiving
reports (two a week) about Independence.

I also need help.  A non-programmer can pack software.  A non-packer
can try it: it is trying it who is slowing me down.

			Jean Francois Martinez

The worthy man is the one who would drink muddy water if such were the
water of truth.