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Re: SEUL: Re: Minilinux (fwd)

David Cary wrote:
> >From: William T Wilson <fluffy@benatar.dunadan.com>
> >cc: seul-project@seul.org
> ...
> >On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Star's End wrote:
> >
> >> Would such a stripped down version be suitable for our base system or
> >> would we be missing to many things. Generally What I consider the
> >> absolute minimum for a linux system is what is on my root partition and
> >> it as about 100 Megs.
> >
> >I don't recommend trimming the system down in this way.  Our goal is not
> >to make the smallest possible distribution, but to make the simplest
> >possible distribution.
> Exactly. Sometimes *larger* is simpler/better.
SEUL cannot be small.  A small tight system is for when you know exactly
what you want to do and are ready to trim it.  
i.e.  recently I started including Linux on new PCs at no charge to 
customers ... I simply ask them to test it for a while and call me to
delete it if it doesn't suit them.  I install ALL of RedHat 5.  Then I
Pile on Netscape 4,  Star Office, and KDE  ( These are mostly University
people and as such fit the none commercial Star Office license ).  
That's over 700 Megs of stuff plus 150 megs free in "/" "/usr" "/home"
for a total usage of ~1300 megs ( including swap )
I have yet to remove Linux from 1 such PC ... some of them are now 
using Linux for most operations in fact.

"Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."