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Re: SEUL: Re: Minilinux (fwd)

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Kevin Forge wrote:

> > 
> SEUL cannot be small.  A small tight system is for when you know exactly
> what you want to do and are ready to trim it.  
> i.e.  recently I started including Linux on new PCs at no charge to 
> customers ... I simply ask them to test it for a while and call me to
> delete it if it doesn't suit them.  I install ALL of RedHat 5.  Then I
> Pile on Netscape 4,  Star Office, and KDE  ( These are mostly University
> people and as such fit the none commercial Star Office license ).  
> That's over 700 Megs of stuff plus 150 megs free in "/" "/usr" "/home"
> for a total usage of ~1300 megs ( including swap )
> I have yet to remove Linux from 1 such PC ... some of them are now 
> using Linux for most operations in fact.

Way to go! It makes me happy to hear that. Do you set up LILO to boot
Linux by default?

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Keith Dart