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> Yes the machine will load Windows 95or
> WinNT
> if you switch it on and do nothing.  However I have given 3different
> ways to
> start Linux. 1 : type the letter "L" at the Lilo prompt.2 : Select load
> previous version of DOS ( This runs through a minimalist        OpenDos
> autoexe
> and starts up loadlin )3 : Click on the bird icon thats siting quietly
> below
> everyones favorite      Lighthouse on the desktop.I have even made a
> script
> "/usr/sbin/win" that looks like this.# Be Assimilated.echo  This will
> terminate Linux and reboot the machine so you echo  can run Windows. 
> Are
> you certain you wish to do this ?su -c "shutdown -r now"--  

Kieth its positively brilliant!!  I can see it now, a ground swell of
users asking MicroSoft why the little bird icon isn't included with
Windows.  After all they found it neccesary to include a browser.  My
devious little mind isn't interested in inflicting MicroSoft with damage,
it is much more satisfying to get MicroSoft to do our bidding, putting
its resources at our disposal.

Kieth deserves great credit for including Linux on machines and having
the foresight to do it in such a manner that does not give users a
negative impression of Linux.  It is important because it proves it can
be done!!!  

Seul will do well to emulate Kieth.