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On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Randy Heineke wrote:

> > Yes the machine will load Windows 95or
> > WinNT
> > if you switch it on and do nothing.  However I have given 3different
> > ways to
> > start Linux. 1 : type the letter "L" at the Lilo prompt.2 : Select load
> > previous version of DOS ( This runs through a minimalist        OpenDos
> > autoexe
> > and starts up loadlin )3 : Click on the bird icon thats siting quietly
> > below
> > everyones favorite      Lighthouse on the desktop.I have even made a
> > script
> > "/usr/sbin/win" that looks like this.# Be Assimilated.echo  This will
> > terminate Linux and reboot the machine so you echo  can run Windows. 
> > Are
> > you certain you wish to do this ?su -c "shutdown -r now"--  
> Kieth its positively brilliant!!  I can see it now, a ground swell of
> users asking MicroSoft why the little bird icon isn't included with
> Windows.  After all they found it neccesary to include a browser.  My
> devious little mind isn't interested in inflicting MicroSoft with damage,
> it is much more satisfying to get MicroSoft to do our bidding, putting
> its resources at our disposal.
> Kieth deserves great credit for including Linux on machines and having
> the foresight to do it in such a manner that does not give users a
> negative impression of Linux.  It is important because it proves it can
> be done!!!  
> Seul will do well to emulate Kieth.

That's a great idea, but it wasn't mine. That was Kevin.

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