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Re: SEUL: In defence of SEUL

To add some weight to what twoducks is saying:

I believe SEUL to be a worthy project, and I believe that Omega has it's
best interests at heart and a genuine desire to succeed. I AM one of the
people trying to do support (website). Reading Cyberdyns's message brings
to light two things which I think, however, he will have to correct:

1. He obviously has other things in his life besides SEUL. Trouble is, he
seems to forget about this when giving schedules. We all know how the
website has been 'almost there' for sooo long. Needs to be more realistic
in what he says!

2. Micromanagement. Seul-pub exists for, among other things, the website.
So let them get on with it!!! I suspect the idea is for -pub to maintain it
- but I know that there are a few peope in pub with some modest time on
their hands, and Omega doesn't seem to have the time. -pub may not be the
people to deal with the technical website stuff like sdoc and CVS, but
there is plenty else that needs doing. As I mentioned in a message a while
ago, this infrastructure should really have been in place before the call
to arms in Jan. So now we're struggling to catch up.

Just my tuppence. Omega: sorry for writing about you in the third person!


Simon Waldman            email:  swaldman@bigfoot.com
Surrey, England.                 swaldman@seul.org
SEUL : Simple End-User Linux     http://www.seul.org
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