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SEUL: In defence of SEUL

There is certainly a lot of slagging of not just seul, but those who
are attempting to keep it running. It is obvious to anyone that
SEUL has problems. What seems to be ignored by those throwing
the criticisms around is what the actual problems are.

* Lack of people in support positions.

   It is easy to throw around ideas and even to churn out some code.
   Any one of us can perform these activities. No one, however. wants
   to work in any of the support roles. There are very few people
   working to provide the resources, both in time and computing power.
   A project of the size that SEUL could grow to be (given time and
   getting over teething problems) requires a lot of support. Currently
   there are only one or two who are providing this effort. Obviously we

   will not get the support as fast because of this.

* Other jobs.

   The people providing the above support are not spending their
   entire lives running the project (though it is close.) They have jobs

   and/or school to attend too.

* Lack of people willing to direct and/or do the work.

   With the few people willing to try to run the project that there are
   (and who are also filling the support positions, by the way) it is
   no wonder there are problems contacting them. I have read criticisms
   that Omega was not available "for several hours" on IRC and would
   not respond to emails. First of all, he (and others, as well) have 24
   connections, so may have the machine logged in without actually being

   physically present. Also, considering the huge amounts of mail to the

   lists (SEUL, GNOME, etc) and undoubtedly other lists, it is amazing
   that they can find the time to do any of their other tasks, much less
   able to pick out every mail to them all of the time. If more people
   willing to take responsibility and help with directing work perhaps
   they would be able to get responces earlier.

These are only a few of the things which I have noticed; There are
many more, but they all boil down to the same things.

I do not claim that I am helping matters. I am not one of the ones
performing the supporting roles above. I do, however, notice at least

I have already prattled on far too long. The point is, before blasting
few people who are willing to do the work and are labouring very
hard not only to try to get the project running,  but to protect
from the slagging, perhaps you should think about helping out with the
work needed to get the project going.

SEUL has much potential, and there is development occurring. As long as
people are willing to help out, or at least be patient, great things may

Ken Duck