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Re: SEUL: User Profiles (?)

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Greg Bell wrote:

> Now as for the second outline, what features should be installed:
> I know from my own experiences that when Linux is first installed the
> user is presented with a hodgepodge of options (meny of which he has no
> knowledge of what they do).  Let's just look at a 'normal' installation
> (for this I am going by memory of my last install of Slackware).  During
> installation the user is presented with weather or not to install 3
> versions of C, TEX, Emacs, VI, JOE, JOVE, Fortran, Lisp, ADA(?) in other
> words the user in inundated with selections.  How about a 'directed'
> installation.  For example, if the user wanted to program install C,
> with the option to install Fortran, pascal, et al. 
> This idea is not fully fleshed out as of yet (mainly because even after
> 4 years of playing with Linux I still don't know/remember all of what is
> included with a distribution) but I think that you get my general drift.
>                          Greg

How about going further...A single checkbox that says "Development
Tools", if you don't want them you get nothing if you do you get the
defaults depending on your installation type (Full/Typical/Minimal...
although I'm still proposing expanding this puny list to a "role" such as
stand-alone, network client, server, etc...).  Of course there should be a
"details" button to take you to a submenu where you can select C tools,
Fortran, Ada, whatever.  These would also have reasonable defaults and
their own submenus.


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