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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Francois Wautier wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> There as been some discussion about weather or not (sorry for the spelling it 
> is just too hot here:-) we should build a SEUL distribution.
> May be we should, but if we do I think we oughta bring something new. 
> Right now all the distribution are incrementally improved SLS distribution. 
> (For those who don't know, SLS was the first distribution of Linux. When was 
> that again?) They add some nice tools, but they don't bring any new idea.
> In order to make Linux fool proof, we have to come up with something new, 
> something daring.
> Here is a litlle idea
> If we come up with a distribution, I think it should be Database centric.
> Linux (and Unix) are using a great many database (mostly plaintext files) to 
> run the varous subsystem. My proposal is: Let's consolidate all that!

Can you say "Registry"?

But seriously, I think someone mention more of a Install shield approach
for package installs.  The other advantage of backing off config changes
could be handle by the "control panel" (for lack of a better term)
program. Boot to safe mode and undo?  This is an important feature, thanks
for bringing it up.  We have to give the users enough rope to hang
themselves, but there has to be a way back.

Not that its a bad idea, I think BeOS does something like this, no?  But
it is alot of work.


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