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Re: SEUL: Re: Weekends posts

jmunoz@nospam.mho.net wrote:
> Brian Bruns <camber@umcc.umcc.umich.edu> wrote:
> >[ ]  Foo             0K     [Details]
> >[X]  Bar             190K   [Details]
> >[X]  Mail Services   1.5M   [Details]
> > ^ Text Checkbox             ^ Button
> >
> >      [Next]  [Previous]  [Stop]
> >(of course this should be colorized and have appropriate keyboard
> >shortcuts, etc...)
> Like the idea.  Another M$ design worth taking. A big shortcoming of
> some older installs was no previous button, and no indication of
> inter-dependencies of packages.  I expect the details would show libs,
> programs, config files? Or just packages to include within the class of
> Mail services? (fax, mail, etc.)

Yes, good Next and Previous buttons would go a long way toward a user
friendly install.  Certainly a must!  Even Red Hat does not do this very
well.  (I can't remember now if it has a Previous button on the install
at all.)

RE: Hard drive partitioning

I guess there's no way to shield the user from this (except *maybe*
through FIPS - which I haven't used and am not sure if I trust!)  But I
was thinking - is there any freeware DOS, Win95, and OS/2 backup/restore
software?  If so, perhaps we could bundle that with the SEUL CD.

> I agree that we need a suite.  IMHO, this would be browser/word
> processor, spreadsheet, and database.  I have been meaning to get Msql

For what it's worth, I just tried the Corel Office for Java beta 1
today.  It does seem to work, though a couple different areas forced me
to kill the app.  It *might* be a bug in the Linux Java code.  I have
the code from the RedHat 4.1 CD - probably Jan or Feb 97 code.  Does
anyone know if more recent Linux Java code exists?

The whole thing is a little pokey, especially when you're scrolling
through a document with the arrow keys.

Also, obviously it's not acceptable since it's not freeware.

> to see how it is.  SQL is standard, the other two are more difficult to
> pin down for a 'Simple End User'.

I've been playing some with PostgreSQL.  I like what I see.  I don't see
any reason why a user friendly curses or X based front end couldn't be
built around it.  And it could be installed with SEUL fairly easily.

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