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Re: SEUL: Re: Weekends posts

On 27-May-97 Micah Yoder wrote:

>Yes, good Next and Previous buttons would go a long way toward a user
>friendly install.  Certainly a must!  Even Red Hat does not do this very
>well.  (I can't remember now if it has a Previous button on the install
>at all.)

Nope. Just installed RH 4.1 on one box today. I had to do it twice because 
bootp didn't work and I couldn't get the network up. Otherwise the RedHat
installation is nice: one floppy, one CD. Basically insert floppy, insert CD,
boot, answer questions. Basically, that is. In practice we certainly can improve
that. (Better questions, better arranged.)

About partitioning: someone suggested a front-end for fdisk. That could do it.
If it could show the partitioning scheme somehow graphically, all the better.
No need for anything fancy, just block graphics that would show relations
between partitions. It tells the novice much more than mere numbers.

BTW, how much do you think the boot floppy needs? How much can be placed on the
installation media?
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