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SEUL: Networking

Juhana Siren wrote:

> bootp didn't work and I couldn't get the network up. Otherwise the RedHat
> installation is nice: one floppy, one CD. Basically insert floppy, insert CD,
> boot, answer questions. Basically, that is. In practice we certainly can improve
> that. (Better questions, better arranged.)
This brings up a good point that has bothered me since I first started
using linux (mostly slakeware but have tried redhat and yggdrisil also)
and that is networking.  With the wider acceptance of linux I get the
feeling that more and more users are like me, have a computer but are
not networked by other than a dialin ISP link. From reading the
newgroups, it is plain to see that there should be some sort of
"standard" way to get a stand-alone computer hooked to the internet so
one can use a browser, get mail, etc. etc. etc.
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