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re: SEUL: seul

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Brian Bruns wrote:

> On Mon, 26 May 1997, Luka wrote:
> [snip]
> > >>  gui's, and some like command lines.  i agree fully that both should be
> > >>  supported, with equal levels functionality, as was discussed.  i think
> > >>  an ansi-text based interface can suffice for a gui.  since the installer
> > >>  should be constrained to as few choices as possible, you don't need
> > >>  fancy icons; stick to small sets of checkboxes.
> > >
> > >Text only would be best, IMHO; saves disk+memory space.
> > 
> > must have text.
> > and i was recommending a gui as well, in the sense of ansi-text based
> > graphics, plus a stripped down mouse driver.  i imagine this should
> > not be too space-intensive.  i should look into it and find out
> > just how much it really entails...
> > the gui doesn't need to be fancy, but just being able to see choices
> > and click on them (rather than looking up a number in a choice-list and
> > typing it in at a prompt) is a real bonus for many users.
> >
Let us assume that everyone has at least 640x480 16 colour stardard
VGA support. As far as I know all the fancy graphics cards fall back to
this. You can then write the instalation stuff to use svgalib reather than
the ovehread of setting up X and using the full capabilities of the
display. VGA has been around so long now that it is expert hackers
reclaiming old equipment who would still be using the earlier 
systems, not novice users. If a machine is so old that it does not have
VGA then it is probably a minefield of other problems to be worth
supporting for anyone but an expert - so we leave alone.

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