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Re: SEUL: installation video support

Martin Houston wrote:
> Let us assume that everyone has at least 640x480 16 colour
> stardard VGA support. As far as I know all the fancy graphics
> cards fall back to this. You can then write the instalation
> stuff to use svgalib reather than the ovehread of setting up
> X and using the full capabilities of the display. VGA has been
> around so long now that it is expert hackers reclaiming old
> equipment who would still be using the earlier systems, not
> novice users. If a machine is so old that it does not have VGA
> then it is probably a minefield of other problems to be worth
> supporting for anyone but an expert - so we leave alone.

This is a very good suggestion. When you go to install Windows
it is pretty restrictive, these days, about what the minimum
required video hardware is. There is no good reason why we should
be any less restrictive. VGA 640x680 video is a perfectly good
standard mode for installation purposes.

Having said that, I would like to say that I think it would be
fairly easy to support standard Hercules, CGA and EGA highres
graphics modes. This support, however, is far from vital to the
SEUL project since, as Martin points out, the majority of new
users will not have any of these graphics cards.

- Jeff Dutky
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