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Re: SEUL: Game plan? Was: Re: What is happening here?

Johan Grape wrote:
> The question is: what will this user get from the "test-drive". 
> I remember when I bought my first mac:  I started it up, and was
> *horribly* disappointed when I could do lots of really easy things,
> but I had nothing to do...  I had no software...  I think some
> heavy thought should be given to that which is unique to unix,
> and somehow giving the new user an immediate experience of this
> uniqueness.

We should definitely include a basic set of internet apps -- web
browser, news and mail reader, maybe IRC client) -- and some little
productivity gizmos -- calculator, notepad, calendar, etc. These
basic tools should be graphical since no end user will take a text
only interface seriously these days. We should probably look at the
KDE project for a source of these tools.

- Jeff Dutky
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