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Re: SEUL: Game plan? Was: Re: What is happening here?

Johan Grape wrote:
> If seul were to be comparable to a "workstation" product, the focus
> should be on client, not server.  This *greatly* reduces the configuration
> problem.  I believe that the best way to make inraods is to aim at the
> computer interested home user - no ethernet, but probably PPP to the
> internet.

Actually, I think we should have Ethernet support.  Auto detecting
Ethernet cards seems to be possible (NT does it).

Perhaps we could even do some kind of "automatic" TCP/IP setup on an
ethernet network, as NT can do.  We could extrapolate this into having
support for "standard" corporate installations - you just stick in the
disk and it figures out the ethernet card, gets an IP address, reads
what it's supposed to install from a server somewhere, and does it.

Also, regarding office suites.....

Perhaps we should set up a separate mailing list for discussion of a
Linux office suite?  Would the folks at txcc want to do this?


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