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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

Francois Wautier wrote:
> If we come up with a distribution, I think it should be Database centric.
> Linux (and Unix) are using a great many database (mostly plaintext files) to
> run the varous subsystem. My proposal is: Let's consolidate all that!
> Here is how I see it working
>         Early in the boot process (even when installing) we start up a DB engine. All
> subsequent action can request some info from the database.
>         This could have many advantages.
> Package manager:
>         -Each package can querythe database if needed softs are already
>          installed
>         -When installing each package can store in the database
>                 - Its uninstall procedure
>                 - Its required files (Files this package must install)
>                 - Its needed files (Files the package need s to run)
>                 - Its modified files (Files that must be adaptes for
>                    the soft to run)
>                 - Its version,

Hmm...not a bad idea, but careful here.  The thing I hate most about
Windows is its registry.  Let's not introduce that nightmare to Linux!

It seems as though the package managers already know how to take care of
a lot of that.

If we do implement such a thing, let's make sure it's easy to:

1.  Find things
2.  Back up parts of or the whole thing
3.  Restore parts of or the whole thing to the same or a different

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